About Compose Software AS

Compose Software AS is a Norwegian software company. We deliver low-code application technology to public sector and private enterprises.

compose goal

We help public and private organizations to reach their productivity goals through digitization and automation.

Compose Software AS (formerly ComposeToGo AS) mission is to maximize the benefits of low-code technology to promote economic growth and high-quality services for government, citizens and businesses. Our core principles are based on efficiency, interoperability, and sustainability. This is reflected in how we develop technology and how we work with customer projects.

“It is our task to challenge the large consultancy firms, by delivering flexible technology and solutions that enhance transformation and growth.”

CEO, Frode Preber Ettesvoll

Core competence



Compose is based on international and national standards for interface, security, and GUI. Shared standards are the key to long-term IT solutions, and combat challenges related to legacy systems.


Nearly all work processes and public procedures are defined in legislation or internal regulations. Our technology was founded on legal expertise (AdvokatOnline), We have extensive experience in implementing legislation into digital processes.


To ensure usability in online services, we always put the end-user first. Compose Software AS has solid knowledge in the development of user journeys, single-window solutions, and context-based services.


Compose always works to ensure interoperability across organizational levels, people and systems. Strategic use of semantics and metadata in application development enables efficient information sharing, without the need for manual interpretations and input. Shared metadata definitions build the foundation for a data-driven organization and work automation.


The Compose Team

Dao Phan
Product Owner

Alexander Edin Varegg

Frode Preber Ettesvoll
Founder & CEO

Ida Sandvik Lien
Marketing Manager

Alxhip Halilaj

Hege Therese Ettesvoll
Senior Consultant

Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta
QA Manager

Micke Haglind
Board member


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