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Compose is a web-based platform for business application development. Compose can be used anytime and anywhere from a PC with an internet connection.

Electronic forms




Mobile & Web

data gathering

Electronic forms for mobile & web

Collect data from ten – or thousands of respondents through electronic forms. Compose offers one of the most robust tools for data gathering. The Compose forms builder is packed with advanced functionality with a user-friendly design. Add pages, question types and answer options with simple click-and-drag features. Define simple or complex validations to optimize the quality of data input and give the user a smooth form filling process.

You can build all kinds of data gathering applications in Compose. In Compose, you can build an unlimited number of forms and workflows and easily reuse items. Compose offers everything you need to design great user experiences!

  • Electronic forms
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Self-service solutions
  • Templates
  • Applications
  • Surveys
  • Form Library: Organize your applications in folder structures, and control access levels to allow teams to collaborate easily in projects.

    Template and Version Management: Manage change history and releases through versioning. Restore previous versions, or create new versions based on drafts. Version management makes maintenance and modifications a breeze.

    Display conditions: Set display conditions for questions or groups to ensure that the user only sees relevant information. This minimizes the chances of input with errors or omissions.

    Pre-filling: Avoid asking users for information that is already known, and pre-populate information from external or internal sources. For example, we can pre-fill names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. based on the organization number from the unit registry.

    Help texts & progress tracking: Compose allows you to design user-friendly services with help texts, progress bar and viewing conditions that guide users through the form process.

    Data sources: Import, export or build data sources for list selections in your forms. Data sources in Compose are easy to maintain and re-use.

    Data Input Validation: Validate entered data at field, page, and form level. Use mandatory queries and data types (string, decimal, email, etc.) to constantly improve data input. You can also build your own validations in the validation builder.

    Language module: The Compose Translation Tool allows you to easily translate forms, system texts and reports directly in the builder. Add as many languages ​​as you like, based on one shared data model.

    Global data model: Get a good overview of questions and groups in your forms. Put global conditions and data types right into the data model. The Compose data model allows you to manage metadata and harmonize semantics across all applications.

Good user experiences are important to ensure that digital services are users’ first choice. The user experience also lays the foundation for the quality of data collected. Applications built in Compose optimize data quality at every step of the process – from the moment information is produced by the end-user, to its processed, stored and reused.


  • Smooth form filling process
  • Available on web and mobile
  • User-friendly interface
  • Design freedom


Everything you need to design complete customer journeys

Compose gir deg frihet til å designe brukerreiser på tvers av tjenester og digitale enheter.


Freedom of design

Use Compose standard skins or create your own with Bootstrap or CSS.

Responsive applications

Fits all browsers and screen sizes.

Customize views

Customize views and designs for different channels or based on the access point.


Process designer for effective digital collaboration

Build workflows with intuitive BPM notations. The workflow designer is a powerful tool for collaboration and managing IT projects across organizational levels. In the process builder, the form is added to a workflow. The workflow is designed sequentially with pre-defined process elements in a visual BPMN-based model. The activity elements define which, how and to whom data is sent after it has been submitted by the user, e.g. send an email, validate a form or initiate case management.

The process designer has many functions to ensure efficiency and collaboration.

  • Process optimization
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Case management
  • Automate processes and forms
  • Connect services across organizational levels
Some pre-defined activity elements:

  • Start/stop
  •  Connectors
  • Form element
  • Receipt
  • BankID authentication
  • BankID signing
  • PDF generator
  • PDF template
  • E-mail
  • Validation
  • Condition
  • Confirmation
  • Pause
  • ID generator
  • Text generator
  • File transfers
  • Integrations
  • Case management
Compose works great for both simple and complex work processes. The flexibility of the platform makes it possible to design complete and dynamic user journeys, focusing on the end-user.


Give multiple services one single access point, and offer end-users a seamless experience across different service levels. Competitive web services must have a smart approach to user-experience and coordinated business processes. This approach maximizes the interoperability between different agencies and eliminates duplication of work.


You can also set multiple access points to a single service shared by different agencies. Let logic and conditions generate a relevant and dynamic service content for the end-user. Customize the application’s layout to respond to specific access points. Contextual services are fundamental to usability. It supports the user’s need for easy navigation and gives less deviations and errors in the process.
⇒ Learn more about seamless e-dialogue and how context ensures quality (Whitepaper)


Create dynamic forms using Groovy and JavaScripts

Automation can be achieved in several ways. Repetitive tasks have a specific course of action that allows you to set computer programs to perform the task without the need for manual/human input. In Compose, you can fully and partially automate forms and processes, ensuring significant time and resource savings.


Optimal data quality is a prerequisite for systems to make correct decisions. Use complex and simple validations for instant feedback on data input. Define conditions for the data flow based on users’ response,  and make the user-experience smooth and dynamic.


The advantage of automation with BPM tools is the holistic approach to optimization of the organization’s core work processes. In Compose, you can quickly start designing processes to automate simple tasks, and father develop and improve these in line with experience and organizational changes.


In Compose, you can build form-based wizards to generate agreements with customers and partners. The PDF generator allows you to customize standard agreements based on information/answers provided in a electronic form with simple questions. The documents can be signed with BankID by several parties and obtain legal validity.


Fetch, send and update data anywhere with Compose integrations

Communication with other systems is essential to maximize the utility of Low-Code software. That’s why our developers have worked hard to make integrations with Compose incredibly easy. Compose integrations make it possible to send, retrieve and update data seamlessly and flexibly.

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Sensors (IoT)




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