The Low-Code Way to Business Automation

Compose is a low-code application development platform for electronic forms, process automation, and case management.

Design applications and automate
processes without coding.


Compose is a low-code development platform that allows you to build business applications with visual modeling tools. Low-code tools increase delivery capacity in digitization projects up to 10 times, minimizing the need for developers’ use.


Increased delivery capacity

Low-code means to build applications with minimal use of code, so that developer resources only are used where they are needed most. With Compose you can quickly build and test business ideas without coding. This means that you can deliver more in less time, while at the same time lowering development costs.


Unlimited number of applications

Compose is a web-based platform for digital transformation, which provides organizations with an environment for building, testing and running web-applications. Compose is delivered as Platform as a Service (PaaS), and enables organizations to manage all applications in one single platform.


Extreme functionality

We have invested 20 years and more than 80 mill NOK in Compose to give our customers flexibility, and at the same time best functionality. Compose is packed with hundreds of user-friendly tools to streamline and automate business processes.


Flexible and long-term

Applications that are built using Compose requires minimal maintenance. Adjustments and new development are simplified through versioning and re-usable elements. Compose applications are published in responsive design so they can be used in any browser, regardless of screen size. Open and painless integration options also make the solutions flexible to communicate with other systems.

What can you build using Compose?

Our clients have very different professional purposes but share the same goals of increased efficiency and quality in work processes.

Electronic forms
Customer applications
Application templates
Contracts & agreements

How to Maximize Value Realization in e-Government Initiatives

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Compose is serving critical digitization and optimization needs for industries with high legal complexity and reporting requirements


Government agencies and municipalities face major challenges when digitizing services for citizens and businesses. This creates a need for flexible technology that puts the end-user in focus. Municipalities and agencies using Compose can deliver faster and better electronic services to citizens and businesses in less time, while also driving digital innovation.


The legal industry has long operated under the radar of general technological development. Increased competition is now pushing for change as more unconventional forms of legal services arise. With Compose, legal firms can start digital transformation from within, and better meet client expectations of usability and accessibility. Compose low-code technology enables law firms to develop legal applications and step-by-step move towards becoming a data-driven organization.


Increasingly demanding customers and the need for innovation in the banking and insurance industry, has come to a fork in the road when it comes to digitization: To develop applications internally versus using standard solutions already existing in the market. Compose offers standard tools to meet standard needs, and provides flexible solutions for customization. Compose allows you to design complete customer journeys and optimize data quality at every step of the process.

Do like these, and use Compose for application development.

Manage all services in one place

Low-code platforms are especially useful for organizations that want to streamline and digitize multiple internal and external work processes step by step. Digitization is a constant process that requires the organization to be equipped with flexible technology that can support its core business.

Automate data flow and case management in minutes

Watch a video on how to build electronic forms, workflows and automate workflows with Compose. The video deals with viewing conditions, integration with the device registry, pre-filling and validation of data and workflow.

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