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Design Applications and Automate Processes

Without Coding

Compose is a low-code application development platform for electronic forms, process automation, and case management.

The Low-Code Way to Business Automation

Meet customer needs quickly. With Compose you can build and test business ideas without coding. 

Automate Your Business Quickly

Data gathering

Build responsive web applications and forms


Design interactive processes that optimize productivity and automate tasks

API Integrations

Fetch, pre-fill, and send data anywhere with REST API

Case Management

Enterprise ready, fast and secure case management


Design dynamic user journeys that respond to user actions


Automate decisions with rules and conditions


Generate agreements, receipts, and contracts with form data


Expand functionality with built-in code interfaces

Solve Real Problems Fast

Compose is serving critical digitization and optimization needs for industries with high legal complexity and reporting requirements. All with full GDPR compliance.


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We are excited to help you realize your digitalization goals. Contact us and let’s bring your ideas to life!

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