Case management that improves business outcomes

Pull Case Management into your workflow. Fully customizable to fit your processes so you can boost productivity and improve the way you work

Dynamic case management

Your work processes are unique , so your case management needs to be as well. Start from a standardized application platform and tweak it to fit your needs. Improve your case handling, speed and processes in no time

Handle and oversee cases with ease

GDPR compliant and Privacy by design

Customize dashboard and case actions 

Integrate seamlessly with Compose Enterprise workflows

Use cases

Check out some use-cases of applications built in Compose Enterprise

Customer/Employee onboarding

Automate the onboarding experience for new employees and customers. Create tasks for managers to ensure that the joiners are followed up through efficient and standardized workflows.  

Sales contract management

Handle any contract type from NDAs and vendor agreements to sales contracts in one system. Allow multiple parties to fill and sign contracts with streamlined and optimised for your workflows.

Whistle blowing case management

Secure and anonymous reporting system for unethical and illegal activities. Manage incoming cases with risk categorization, user access controls and full traceability. A compliance system that reduces risks for workplace misconduct and provides insights for official parties to take action.

Application forms & data collection

Set up intelligent forms for application process with auto-population from public APIs for easy and structured data collection.

Expense management solution

Reimbursement application systems that track and structure company budgets and expenses. Improves approval flows and ease for the users.

Power of attorney/Proxy signing handling

Grant others to sign for you and handle grant permissions with ease.

A truly user-friendly interface that shortens handling time

The Compose Case Management module makes it easy to overview all case statuses, drill down to categories and choose the action you need to move forward

Overview of full Compose case management suite

Advantages of the Compose Case Management

Compose Case Management includes all standard features needed to build a fully functional case management system, while still being customizable, in as little time as possible. All so that you can get a system that makes your process more efficient, gives you a better overview of your processes and structures everything for a more coherent approach.

Get started quickly

With a low-code platform from Compose you can slash the time-to-market building a solution from the ground up and tweak it to suit your needs.

Fully customizable

Create a fully customized case management system without spending years in development.

Read how we created a custom solution in four months.


Intuitive dashboard

Make your case handling easier with a user-friendly dashboard. Oversee all case statuses, sort them in lists, and select case actions based on roles.

Visual Design

Customise the design to fit your needs through CSS. So you can truly make it your solution.

Better data for governance

Get better structured data, that gives you new insights for governance and improve overall operations.

Improve collaboration and case handling time

Give case handlers tools to collaborate and oversee cases to eliminate errors and shorten case handling time.

Integrate your Enterprise automations

Compose Case Management connects seamlessly with your Compose Enterprise workflows  allowing you to include custom user journeys and case flow automations into your case management. Start your digital transformation with us to build solutions that enhances collaboraiton across departments, clients and case handlers.

highlighted case management block in drag and drop workflow builder

Find the right license for your needs

Single App

Purchase a single-point solution built by our team of experts for you to deploy and use. Custom-built case management with faster time to market

  • Our consultants experts in automation and are ready to guide you in your process
  • Through agile methodology and our user-centric approach we ensure the automation fits your need every step of the journey
  • Once you are satisfied with your delivery we can deploy your new solution in the cloud. The solution can grow with you through scaling and change as needed

CCM + Enterprise

Purchase Compose Case Management and an Enterprise license in a bundle. Build out your automations and integrate them into your case management

  • Get full access to Compose Enterprise and Compose Case Management capabilities
  • Connect your Enterprise automations and workflows into the case management
  • Handle cases and overview case statuses easy with our dashboard.
  • Style Everything to your need with CSS

Compose Enterprise

Purchase a yearly license of Compose Enterprise. Build unlimited automations, deploy into the cloud

  • Get full access to Compose Enterprise and build as many automations as you need
  • Train yourself or your team to become Compose Creators without the need for being a fully-fledged programmer
  • Deploy into the cloud

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