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Collaborating with others is a fundamental part of our mission. We highly value the knowledge and experiences that can be shared while working as a team. Are you interested in exploring the advantages of partnering with a cutting-edge low-code tech company?

Whether it’s a strategic alliance, a collaborative project, or any other form of partnership, we’re always looking for new opportunities. Reach out to us, and let’s discuss how Compose can align to your vision.

Our Partners

Advokat Online

Advokat Online are experts in web-based legal services, simplifying the daily tasks of legal professionals. Specializing in delivering standard and customised subscription plans with up-to-date and quality-assured legal content. Their commitment to excellence in legal solutions aligns seamlessly with our collaborative efforts, bringing great low-code solutions to legal practitioners – Like “Whistle” 

Legal Lab

Legal Lab helps you innovate your legal processes with low-code development. Simplify app creation, streamline workflows, and boost productivity. From design to deployment, low-code solutions empower your team to build applications faster and with ease


We are the architects behind the systems that empower KF to deliver on their vision of a simpler and better everyday life for Norway’s residents. We build low-code solutions for their application so they can supply efficient services for municipalities, providing them with the tools to digitize their processes with ease.


Crayon, our global partner based in Oslo, excels in steering clients through secure cloud-first digital transformations. With certified experts in 46 countries, Crayon prioritizes human potential alongside technology, sharing our commitment to values like Integrity, Pace, Quality, and Agility. Together, we align in delivering transformative solutions for businesses navigating the digital landscape.


CONCIDE is committed to redefining legal practices for optimal client experiences. With over 80 years of expertise, CONCIDE pioneers legal process automation, strategy, and self-service solutions, embodying a commitment to quality and efficiency.


In collaboration with Vipps, we integrate their seamless payment solution into our system. Vipps simplifies daily transactions with a focus on safety and efficiency. Together, we bring great payment solutions to you, ensuring secure and efficient payment processes for your users.


BankID is a widely embraced identity verification system utilized by all national banks, public institutions, and an expanding range of businesses in Norway. We integrate BankID into our systems so your end users can have the most convenient user experience.


Knowit  is a leading consultancy firm specializing in digital solutions across Connectivity, Experience, Insight, and Solutions. With expertise in design, communication, management consulting, and IT, Knowit is a valued partner, enhancing our collaborative efforts to create digital opportunities and lasting value. Committed to innovation and guided by core values of decency and accessibility, Knowit plays a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable and humane society through digitalization.


Documaster creates systems for document management, assisting businesses in organizing HR files, contracts, and technical documents. With expertise in archives, contract management, and data migration, Documaster ensures a consolidated platform with the highest security standards. As our valued partner, they facilitate seamless integration with existing business systems, providing comprehensive and efficient document management solutions.


Computas, stands as a prominent Nordic provider of IT solutions and consulting services, specializing in technological innovation. With a commitment to delivering value-adding solutions across public administration, justice, supervision, health, logistics, power, and energy, Computas brings forth interdisciplinary expertise throughout the digitization process. Working closely with our clients, we collaborate to develop tailor-made solutions with a strong focus on usability.


Criipto simplifies authentication and digital signatures with an easy setup – no credit card required for development. Register your domain, choose relevant eIDs, configure with Criipto Verify, and in minutes, access various electronic identities like BankID and MitID. Enjoy a seamless, secure user experience without the hassle of individual eID provider registration.

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